DuPagePads COVID-19 Emergency Response

DuPagePads COVID-19 Emergency Response

During this time of uncertainty, we continue to work diligently to fulfill our mission safely and responsibly.
Since the temporary closure of Interim (Overnight) Housing in March, we have assisted 213 current clients,
creating emergency housing plans, and helping 144 people in securing a safe place to stay – sheltering in place
to keep safe from the spread of the virus.

Adapted Model of Care Keeping Clients Safe

With guidance from the DuPage County Health Department, we developed alternative safe emergency housing
for existing clients who were without a support system.

  • Originally occupying 20 motel/hotel rooms for the most vulnerable, the number
    quickly grew to provide 90 rooms of safe housing for un-sheltered clients. Following Governor Pritzker’s
    decision to extend the order to shelter in place into April and possibly beyond – we now foresee the need for
    additional rooms increasing to beyond 90 to maintain this comprehensive approach.
  • The DuPagePads Client Service Center in Wheaton also adapted how services are provided, modifying to serve as
    a call center for existing clients who are homeless directing wrap-around services and ongoing case management
    to ensure stability and access to safe emergency housing.
  • The Client Service Center has become a supply hub for receiving hundreds of donations, safely sanitizing items, and re-distributing food and essential supplies.
  • Efforts continue to collaborate with other not for profits and faith communities across DuPage County coordinating supplies and needed food items to address immediate needs as well as a longer-term food chain to keep clients fed and sheltered.
  • Case managers continue to call clients in emergency housing every 48 hours checking on health conditions, housing plans, and needs of basic assistance.
  • Staff frequent emergency housing hotel sites to address client’s needs from a safe social distance.
  • Permanent Supportive Housing staff continue to communicate with199 tenants in 147 apartments ensuring all are in good health, have enough food, and their basic needs are being met.

DuPagePads Emergency Response Fund

The generosity of our community facing this crisis together has been inspiring. After estimating a monthly expense of $175,000-$200,000 to provide temporary Emergency Housing and safely shelter the growing number of clients without housing. Individual donors in our community have responded helping the DuPagePads COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund to raise over $179,000 with a current goal of $250,000, meeting half the current estimated overall costs to continue providing hotel rooms, intensive services, and supplies.

DuPagePads is grateful for the monetary and supply donation support we receive from our generous community. Please consider how you can contribute today via our website, by mail addressed to 601 W. Liberty Wheaton, IL 60187, by phone 630.682.3846×2220, or via the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund using the button below.

Emergency Response Relief Fund

Donations Continue Providing Emergency Relief

THANK YOU to the generous donors continuing to send supplies and donations assistance in this emergency. Client needs are being met because of your support.

The DuPagePads Emergency Response Fund continues to help replenish critical supplies and provide emergency temporary food and shelter. Unfortunately, DuPagePads cannot accept typical material donations for general use during this time. Please consider donating only these essential items using curbside “no contact” drop off boxes located in the parking lot of 703 W. Liberty Wheaton, IL 60187.

Donation drop off hours are Monday-Friday 8:00am-8:00pm and Saturday-Sunday 8:00am-4:00pm. Please do not leave donations outside of the scheduled times, especially food items overnight. We apologize no donation receipts will be provided during this time and all items will be wiped down after received.

Urgent Donations Needs List

Additional donation items DuPagePads are in great need of include masks for our clients. Please consider this great way to volunteer while safely staying sheltered in place.

Ongoing Street Outreach Support

The DuPagePads Street Outreach staff continue to monitor common areas in the county frequented by those who are
unsheltered. We need your help in identifying anyone who may still be homeless by calling our toll-free
number: 866.682.3846 x2275 or email streetoutreach@dupagepads.org

These uncertain times makes it clear that each person’s health is intertwined in our community. Thank you to you as leaders as you work to ensure only the best safety measures are in place for all of our residents here in DuPage County!

Help Volunteer Virtually!

People who are homeless need your voice to remind our elected officials to address homelessness as the lives of the people we serve are at stake – now more than ever. State and county representatives are shaping how those experiencing homelessness are protected from COVID-19. You can find contact information for Illinois lawmakers here and Dupage County Board here. Virtual volunteers are also helping by liking DuPagePads on Facebook and other social media platforms share important updates with the community!

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