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The integrity of DuPage Pads relies on the ability to design and execute programs that make a difference in positively changing lives. To ensure that the organization is operating at the highest levels of quality service delivery, the following steps are taken:

  1. DuPage Pads utilizes the Homeless Management and Information System (HMIS), a data system endorsed and required by the DuPage Homeless Continuum of Care, to document all outcomes and measure of the impact of the agency’s housing programs and support services.
  2. DuPage Pads evaluates the success of the program by the number of households that obtain and maintain their housing, and by the level of employment, benefits or other resources the tenants gain or increase.
  3. In addition to evaluating data through the HMIS System, DuPage PADS facilitates quarterly surveys in all service programs.  Focus groups are held when a service gap has been identified to obtain additional information.